Wednesday, August 24, 2011

love AGAIN~!!!

ME + YOU = LOVE~!!
 is like an HYDROGEN + 2 OXYGEN = WATER
which can't be separated till the end

ME + YOU = LOVE~!!
is like an HYDROGEN BOND
also can't be separated each other like us

ME + YOU = LOVE~!!
your LOVE, your CARE, your KINDNESS
make me MELT like an CHOCOLATE when we heat it

ME + YOU = LOVE~!!
is means we are COMPLETE each other
you are my CATALYST

ME + YOU = LOVE~!!
i need you, you need me
we are PERFECT

" every person in this world want all this happen in their life including me....but ALLAH kn0ws what the perfect one to us....we just can pray to HIM for the perfect one...i believe with faith...whatever happen to us, is just for a while...where ALLAH wanna test us..."

" love can make us laugh, happy and calm when we with our lover....we feel he/she is perfect without thinking about the not impossible if we heard many suicides...because they frustrated..yea, i admit...this situation also happen to me...and thanks GOD for giving me a g0od mother who can give advice and accompany me to solve this problem...she always with me whenever i feel down..."

"sometimes, we not realize...ALLAH took away our love to someone because HE wanted to give us a more beautiful love which LOVE TO HIM....HE is testing us because he wanna sees our patience...finding HIS blessed is the most important to determine our day, HE will replace with the right one to us...just PRAY...PRAY..and PRAY to HIM....."

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