Saturday, January 28, 2012

My Dream . .

Star Cruise ! Best kan kalau dapat naik kapal nie . That's my dream . Dari dulu lagi impian aku cuma satu . Bercuti bersama orang tersayang kat atas kapal . Ala2 titanic gitu~ Semangat aku makin membara bila semalam masa aku pergi Penang . Lepak kat Padang Kota Lama aku dapat peluang tengok Star Cruise . Masa tu kapal nie tengah tunggu penumpang naik . Best je aku tengok . Dulu , aku pernah bagitahu dekat my ex yang aku nak honeymoon dengan future husband aku nanti dekat atas kapal . Romantik kan ? Dan dia pun pernah la cakap . Nanti bila aku dengan dia dah kahwin . Dia akan kumpul duit untuk bawa aku naik kapal sama-sama bercuti . Memang best la kalau benda tu terjadi dalam hidup aku . Aku harap sangat one day aku dapat jugak bercuti dengan insan yang paling aku sayang dekat atas kapal . Dengar-dengar package dia dalam rm1500 dan ke atas la mungkin . Kapal nie akan pergi tiga buah negara . Tak kisah la berapa pun nilai dia yang penting impian aku akan tercapai suatu hari nanti . InsyaAllah ! So, sape yang nak kahwin dengan aku kena la kumpul duit dari sekarang . Kalau sayang aku kena la penuhi impian aku nie kan . weee~

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Just Because You . .

Have you ever felt like
all you had was gone?
That your heart was broken,
and you couldn't go on?

Have you ever really
wanted to die?
To end your life,
so your tears would dry?

My life was like a tunnel,
and he was the light,
he made my smile,
so real, so bright.

When things got tough,
he was always there,
for once in my life,
someone did care.

He was a gift,
sent from up above,
for the first time in my life,
I actually felt loved.

He was like an angel,
sent to rescue me,
he was my everything,
my love, my destiny.

I stopped the cutting,
his love made me quit,
I never thought
I would stop doing it.

I have no idea,
what he found in me,
but he always saw something
no one else could see.

He didn't care 
about popularity,
he didn't choose looks
over personality.

He was the only one
who loved me for who I am,
he thought I was unique and special,
- he didn't want me to be like them.

But now that he's gone,
the light has turned to dark,
I am slowly re-creating
every tiny mark.

Without him here,
I have no life,
only a friend,
and that friend is the knife.

It has come back,
the pain, the sorrow,
I don't wish to see
a new tomorrow.

I'm dying.

' Time heals all wounds, '
that is such a lie,
time will never heal my heart,
and therefor I will die.

They say you can't love someone
in such young years,
then give me an explanation
to why I shed all these tears?

Don't say I deserve someone better,
I just want to be with you,
no one will ever take your place,
and I know that you love me too.

But the distance between us,
is keeping us apart,
why must love always
end with a broken heart?

True love survives everything,
so why don't you want to try?
Please don't leave me all alone,
I have an unanswered ' why? '

Why can't I stop feeling
the way I do?
I know I'll never find
another you.

I would give everything,
just to see your face,
you are my heart,
something no one will replace.

So remember this,
I will love you forever,
even if it means
we're not together.

Any girl would be lucky,
to have a guy like you,
but no one will ever
love you in the special way I do.

Maybe to you,
it wasn't a big thing,
but remember this,
you were my everything.

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Second Chance . . (part II)

Do you believe in a second chance relationship? Admit it or not, sometimes, it takes separation from break up to realize the importance and worth of each other and the relationship. There are break ups that don't mean it's the end, it also means a space to breath and be back again. When you both feel it's time for you to move on different paths, then there's no second chance to deal with. However, second chance happens when you both believe that the relationship is still worth trying to bring back all the good and bad memories shared.

We have heard a lot from people taking chances for love to grow again. How can these chances be possible? When you are getting ready to start for the second time, do not expect everything to be perfect. Time to time, there will be challenges that will break you, but what you have learned from the first can help you cope with the present problem. On the other note, second chance should be understood that love is desired not because it's the solution to the problem of break up, nor you fear that you can never find another romance as wonderful and sweet as yours. The true meaning of second chance is being able to contribute - yourself, your love, trust and respect. Second chance also means to be able to nurture. Given the second chance, you are to straighten what was crooked before in your relationship. And the most important thing is: you have learned from it and you love yourself and your life.

Before deciding to make a second chance relationship, it is important to go through a process of thinking and reflection so that in the end, your efforts will be paid off.

  • Is it really love? - This time, you have to really make sure of your feelings. Being in love and lonely are two different things. You must not make loneliness as a reason why you want another chance. This is a selfish reason for your gain, and not for your partner. You can divert loneliness on other activities. Love is the best reason why in your mind you want to give it a try once more. When you are on a dilemma between two feelings, at least try to be honest. Do not think immediately because you are so pressure with time. Take time to think so that you know you are heading on a right path - back in his arms again.
  • Examine why it went wrong - This is part and parcel after a break up. You have to take time to think what really went wrong in your relationship, but never blame anyone of the separation. Before picking up the pieces and putting it back together, you should have a real view of what both of you did wrong so that on the second time, you know what are the things you should and should not do.
  • Learn from what happened - As what is being said, time in time, relationship can have its mistakes and misunderstandings, big or small. You broke up because of some reasons. Whatever reasons that were talked about, it is not realistic to just say, "I want a second chance, let's try it again." You and your partner have to learn from the mistakes that have caused the break up. When you are ready to ask for a second chance, you have to ask yourself, "Have I learned from the mistakes?"... If you cannot answer this question, then go back and reflect. If you are confident enough that you have learned and promised to change, then there's point of going back.
  • Examine what went right - You are to think positive. This means that you should not think of all the bad sides, but you can also think what was good about your relationship. In this way, when second chance comes, you maintain attributes in the relationship that makes it work.
  • Be reasonable - This has something to do with being accepted by who you are, and accepting your partner in return. Being reasonable means being sensitive with what your partner's needs and try hard to fulfill it. Of course, you don't always agree on things but you need to work hard that you both understand what others are feeling. Talk over the things that you want in the relationship, and work it out to make it happen. It is necessary that both of you are satisfied. Lastly, you always have to learn to give and take, that's one of the secrets of a lasting relationship.

It is not all the time that a second chance romance is good for a lifetime. The persons involved must not only work for themselves, but should also work out for the relationship to last. Failure in a second chance happens when only one partner makes the move. You cannot expect it to be as good as new when force is applied or when love is not around. Remember, a second chance relationship works when two different personas meet and agree to one overwhelming thing: that they will forever love each other filled with trust, respect, happiness and honesty.

Second Chance . .

A second chance relationship is possible no matter what your situation might be, If you have a desire than there is a way. A second chance is a wonder opportunity that should be used to move forward in your life. You are given the chance to make amends and work on real issues that really matter, rather than just pushing aside all your problems. If you are asking or being asked for a second chance you will only regret it if you do not try, what price can you put on the success that may over take you when you win

Love is not disposable and it never has been, there are consequences for walking away from love that are all to real. Each problem and issue that goes unresolved will come back to haunt you in this relationship or the next one, only you may not love that person with the same fire as you did before and so the issues seem even more difficult to work on. As a result you find your self moving on again, and again until you are personally forced to deal with your problems.

If you are asking for a second chance please do not give up, you can win if you have the passion and desire to have your relationship back. This is not a hard thing to do, but it is what you do with your second chance that makes all the difference in the world. Can you see yourself back in the arms of your love, better than they were before you broke up. There is a lot that you will gain from winning your love back.

If you are being asked that you give your love a second chance, you should consider the pleasing relationship you may be enjoying if you will just consider what you have to gain when you are successful. You have everything to gain and nothing to lose. You are too important to give up on your love when the happiness it can bring will save you so much time in the long run.

Do not give up on each other, because when you do there is so much pain and damage that you will take with you when you go. Stay and work through your difficulties and when you are successful you will have a love that has survived the fire, a love that will stand the test of time. A second chance relationship is possible no matter what your situation may be. If you are still in love, and have the desire for a magical relationship then do not give up. What price can be put on the success that will over take you, when you win your love back.

Problem . .

Problem . Problem . Problem . 

We can't run from having a problem . Its more worse when we run from our problem . And its become complicated when we never trying to solve it better . No problem can't be solved . It is depends on us how to solve it . Plan what do you want to do before you take any action . No one never has problem . It is impossible happen when we were born we never had any problem . It is ridiculous . Since we are young we faced with a lot of problem . Problem how to eat , how to walk , how to read , how to talk . But, our parents concern about us and care about us . They solve these problem with their kindness and loved . From the single step they teach us until now . Even-though , we are not baby yet . Without parents maybe we cant get everything . 

Its just like me . I'm also got a problem . Sometimes , i thought to run away from every single problem which haunted me for every day . But , I know that's will never get any benefit to me if I'm trying to escape from every problem without trying to solve it . Sooner or later , that problem will comes around again . Wherever we go the problem persists . That's the reason why we cant run away from the problem . However I would still try hard to find the way out of problems . Each problem that I face might be solve . But , the problem which associated with love and heart i cant be faced . Love problem are difficult to find the way out . Its unexpected because it all about our heart . 

Ultimately , I just let it go . I'm just hoping for the miracle . Who knows there is a reason why Allah gives a lot of problem to me . Waiting for my mr.Jodoh . I believe on fate . Sooner or later i'll meet my mr.Jodoh . Hope my mr.Jodoh is a kind, loving , caring and gentle that can accept me for granted .

“I don't pretend to know what love is for everyone, but I can tell you what it is for me; love is knowing all about someone, and still wanting to be with them more than any other person, love is trusting them enough to tell them everything about yourself, including the things you might be ashamed of, love is feeling comfortable and safe with someone, but still getting weak knees when they walk into a room and smile at you.”

sorry for bad english . .hoho just to improve my english !

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Tempahan . .

Assalamualaikum . .

Hye bloggers . .

Sekarang saya sangat la tak ada kerja nak buat . Maklum la cuti sebulan . Nak kerja pun tak padan sebulan je . Saya banyak habiskan masa dengan blog je . Kalau ada sesape yang nak suruh saya edit dia punya blog boleh la buat tempahan dekat saya . Melalui twitter or fan page okay .

Tempahan boleh buat mulai sekarang . Saya cuma ambik tempahan untuk . .

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  • Edit Blog (full edit)
  • Menu Tab
  • Cursor
  • Dan pelbagainya lagi mengikut keperluan .

Harga untuk setiap edit adalah mengikut kesusahan dan kepayahan untuk edit . Apa-apa hal just inform dekat twitter dan fan page saja okay .  *peace*

Family . .

Assalamualaikum . .

No update for two days . I'm quite busy this coupled days . Busy ? Not busy actually but i have no time to update . Going to Penang for wedding of my cousin . I'm very happy going there because can meet with my sisters and brothers . Even though it is not family trip or holidays but we still can hang out together . Having a big family is lucky for me . When we are child , we fight especially me and my little brother . But not now . Hehe . 

Story of happy family . . Lets the picture tell of that stories . Enjoy watching the picture . 

 Eat . Eat . Eat . My mama loved this picture . She said like oldish picture . Look like "Zaman British"

 Me and my Kak Long . . Vogue !

  My Second sister withher husband . . 

 My Second Brother with his family . Loved his meal . Satay Ikan . 

  My princess . Danisha Qaisara . 

My Bf maybe . .Hoho . He is my little brother . The only one Adik in my life .

 Me . .

This is my family i have . Love them damn much . Till end , I will always love my family .

Saturday, January 21, 2012


Ya Allah...
aku tak punya sesiapa tempat mengadu...
hanya kepada Engkaulah...
aku sakit..
aku sakit..
aku sakit..
aku sakit ya Allah..
aku sudah tak mampu lagi untuk menzahirkan dalam bentuk
puisi,sajak,lagu unuk mengambarkan apa yang tersirat...
tiada apa lagi yang tersirat atau tersurat..
ini lah aku...
beri aku kekuatan agar aku tidak menzalimi diriku
beri aku kekuatan agar aku tidak menganiaya diriku
beri aku kekuatan agar aku tidak menyiksa diriku
beri aku kekuatan agar aku dapat meneruskan hidup selagi yang di izinkan..
aku tak berdaya...
aku sakit...
aku sakit..
aku sakit...ya Allah...
cukup perit bila diri di hina
cukup perit bila diri di sindir
cukup perit bila diri diperli...
oleh keangkuhan manusia yang berasa diri berkuasa..
saat ini...
aku terlalu lemah
aku terlalu sakit...
(manusia-manusia itu akan tertawa keras sekali bila membaca ini bukan?)
seorang manusia menafikan hak ku
seorang lagi manusia menyekat hak ku
seorang lagi manusia membakar hak ku..
tolonglah aku...
tolonglah aku
tolonglah aku..ya Allah...
aku sakit...aku sakit...sakit sangat ya Allah.....
tiada teman untuk ku ajak berbicara
tiada kekasih untuk aku alunkan puisi rindu,cinta dan kasih...
tiada ***** untuk aku mengulit kasih...
berat sungguh dugaan mu
berat sungguh ujian mu....
tahanlah fikiran ku...keinginan ku...agar aku..
agar aku tidak menyiksa diri ku
agar aku tidak menganiaya diri ku
agar aku tidak menzalimi diriku
aku sakit ya Allah...
begitu terang dan jelas...pernyataan...
yang tiada lagi selindungnya...
berapa tahun lagi untuk aku menanggung kesakitan ini..
satu kepuasan bagi yang meninggalkan aku
satu kepuasan bagi yang menyisihkan aku
satu kepuasan bagi yang berkias untuk aku...
pada waktu ini...
aku sudah putus asa
aku sudah putus harapan
aku tak nampak di mana pelangi sembunyikan diri...
saat ini semua yang ku lihat...hanya kelam...
aku lihat hanya wajah-wajah bertopeng yang mengerikan sedang mentertawakan aku...
aku sakit ya Allah....
aku sudah tidak bisa sembunyikan kesakitan ini...
bantulah aku...berilah aku kekuatan...
agar aku tidak menzalimi diri aku... 


Sayang..Jangan ditanya sebanyak mana pengorbanan yang telah aku lakukan.... Kerana aku sendiri tidak pernah mengiranya... Tetapi, Seandai pengorbanan itu tak dihargai... Perlukah aku berkorban lagi sayang????

Kereta Jadi Naga . .

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Friday, January 20, 2012

Terbaik . .

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Best kan ? So, try la . Jangan lupa taw klik dekat HOTLINK untuk info seterusnya .

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Download :: Papa I Love You


 “Papa, I Love You” tells the story of a single dad, Baha (Zalif Sidek) who is trying to raise his daughter Mia Sara (Mia Sara Nasuha) while willing to do anything due to financial constraints. He then meets Elly (Lisa Surihani) who is willing to take care of Mia Sara while he finds a job. Unexpectedly, Elly and Mia Sarah completes Baha’s life even though he has neither money nor a permanent job. Meanwhile, Elly’s estranged father Datuk Kudin (Zaidi Omar) is a businessman who has it all but not her daughter’s heart. Baha tries to mend the brokenness between Datuk Kudin and Elly but instead strains his relationship with Elly.

Klik Link untuk download . .

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