Tuesday, March 27, 2012

The Experiences Are Created !

 Lalalalalala ~ vocal class? Not so ! But , this picture taken during practice of choir . Every night in a week I've practice class for choir .

Now ! This is the answer why I'm practiced choir before . I've performance at Pantai Batu Buruk on 23 March ago . The best experience i did at there . Never forget it . These my first performance with Voice of Harmony club

We arrived there at 4 pm . 4pm?? Not really sure with this arrived time . Heee~ 

Eat together with my friends . My roommate also there . Yeahhh ! When singers breakfast+lunch+tea with the actors and actress . All of us are ARTIS ! Kau ada ? 

Starting of the event from Persada Tari ! Best sangat . They're remind me for my performance during secondary school when I'm involve in Tarian Zapin .  

We !! Singers from Voice of Harmony !


Yeahhh ! That's us again ! 

Three of us ! BFF . Tasya and Diya . Kau ada ? 

My course-mate ! Amirul .  Actor from Layar Opera . 

Motif ?? Look at my face . Like before and after from right . Comparison of with make up and do not make up . However it is , that only simplest make up from me . Don't ask me to make up when attend to class . Hate it ! Hahaha .

Okay ! Have you see all my picture above ? Dalam masa seminggu I've create a new experience . After performance at Pantai Batu Buruk . On morning of 24 March , I need to attend Inorganic Chemistry's Test . Amazing !! Macam tak percaya pula aku boleh manage my time dengan jayanya . Then , on night of 24 March I've performance again . This time only at UMT . That's why I do not make up for these performance . Neutral beauty gitu !! That's my story for last week . Keep it as my best moment during studying at UMT . 


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