Thursday, January 26, 2012

Just Because You . .

Have you ever felt like
all you had was gone?
That your heart was broken,
and you couldn't go on?

Have you ever really
wanted to die?
To end your life,
so your tears would dry?

My life was like a tunnel,
and he was the light,
he made my smile,
so real, so bright.

When things got tough,
he was always there,
for once in my life,
someone did care.

He was a gift,
sent from up above,
for the first time in my life,
I actually felt loved.

He was like an angel,
sent to rescue me,
he was my everything,
my love, my destiny.

I stopped the cutting,
his love made me quit,
I never thought
I would stop doing it.

I have no idea,
what he found in me,
but he always saw something
no one else could see.

He didn't care 
about popularity,
he didn't choose looks
over personality.

He was the only one
who loved me for who I am,
he thought I was unique and special,
- he didn't want me to be like them.

But now that he's gone,
the light has turned to dark,
I am slowly re-creating
every tiny mark.

Without him here,
I have no life,
only a friend,
and that friend is the knife.

It has come back,
the pain, the sorrow,
I don't wish to see
a new tomorrow.

I'm dying.

' Time heals all wounds, '
that is such a lie,
time will never heal my heart,
and therefor I will die.

They say you can't love someone
in such young years,
then give me an explanation
to why I shed all these tears?

Don't say I deserve someone better,
I just want to be with you,
no one will ever take your place,
and I know that you love me too.

But the distance between us,
is keeping us apart,
why must love always
end with a broken heart?

True love survives everything,
so why don't you want to try?
Please don't leave me all alone,
I have an unanswered ' why? '

Why can't I stop feeling
the way I do?
I know I'll never find
another you.

I would give everything,
just to see your face,
you are my heart,
something no one will replace.

So remember this,
I will love you forever,
even if it means
we're not together.

Any girl would be lucky,
to have a guy like you,
but no one will ever
love you in the special way I do.

Maybe to you,
it wasn't a big thing,
but remember this,
you were my everything.

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