Thursday, January 19, 2012

Waiting . Hoping . All in one !

I didn't meant to break your heart nor playing with you heart . I know you love me and you try harder to get me . But, till now I still can't give you any answer . I'm a bit confuse with myself as well . Sometimes I'm ready for it but sometimes I'm not for sure . I don't know how to make a decision either just go with it or just wait for the fate . Too much time I'm trying to get rid off that memories but I failed . I can't do that . That memories are plays in my mind . It hurt . Pain . Till end I can't trust any love . Phobia to make love maybe . For sure I'm not looking for love but I'm looking for someone who loved me the way I am . And looking for someone who is my Mr.right . Looking for his kindness , loving , caring and the most important looking for his appreciate . 

Just wait till 14 February for that answer you are waiting . On that day everything will clear . InsyaAllah ! I will try my best to find the great answer for you . Whatever happens on that day , my hope is you still wanna be with me just like before and now . I'm enjoying myself to be your best-friend and happy to be with you even it just for a moments . I'm really appreciate what you have done for me . If, god is telling me that you are not belong for me . I pleased to accept all the fate .